Tiny Toes 

Child Care

Preschoolers are so much fun!  They have the silliest questions and the funniest stories.  We like to encourage their imagination and create fun dramatic play activities.  Free play is the most important activity of the day.  Preschoolers and children of all ages, discover, imagine, and interact with one another.  They develop socially, emotionally, and mentally.  They play together and create wonderful towers, games, and tea parties.  Children have the opportunity to express themselves through play and learn to value others.  We foster their love for literature by reading, creating our own stories, and acting them out.  To develop respect and care for our natural environment, children spend a lot of time outdoors where they play freely and discover.  Preschoolers garden and grow flowers, vegetables and create bird feeders.  They are introduced to early math, science, writing, and cooking skills. Preschoolers follow our learning curriculum which prepares them educationally  for kindergarten and focuses on life skills.