Tiny Toes 

Child Care

At Tiny Toes Child Care we require you to schedule an appointment prior to visiting our home day care. Before your child's officially enrolled, there are several forms that must be filled out and returned before caring for your child.

The forms are as follows:

  • Signed Contract and Rate Agreement
  • Family Info/ Emergency contacts
  • Immunization Record
  • Emergency Treatment/Transportation Consent Form
  • Copy of child's birth certificate
  • Copy of both parents Identification cards
  • Medical Authorization Form
  • $150 Registration Fee (one-time only)


Items to bring after Enrollment: 

  1. Diapers/pull ups

  2. Wipes

  3. Diaper Cream (optional)

  4. Sun Block (optional)

  5. Bug Repellent (optional)

  6. Seasonal Appropriate Change of clothes (one set is fine; including two pairs of underwear)

  7. Two Bottles (infant) 

  8. Two Sippy cups (toddler)

  9. Bibs (infant)

  10. Blanket and Sheet