Age Groups

Tiny Toes 

Child Care

Our Learning Curriculum Overview

We care for children of different ages and plan our curriculum based on their developmental and individual needs.  Our curriculum consists of free play, dramatic play, circle time, art, science, cooking, music, math, and story time. The lessons are planned weekly and monthly with different themes.  We focus a lot of our lessons on our natural environment and art/creativity.  We plan and provide activities that are age appropriate but challenging to encourage growth.

Group activities are planned daily.  Children share free play daily together. Free play is important because children create their own worlds and games without any directions and include everyone. During circle time all the children participate and share songs and lessons. Emotions are new and confusing to children.  We work with children to understand their emotions and positively express them among each other.

We believe encouraging and praising a child will help build a child's self esteem and confidence.  Children are always shown respect and appreciation.