Tiny Toes 

Child Care

​​​​​At Tiny Toes Child Care

We create a learning curriculum that promotes the necessary development a child needs on a daily/weekly basis. All children participate during circle time, this activity alone encourages all learning skills. Another activity is Art/Science; art like science encourages children to be creative and experiment, as well as use their imagination. Outdoor/gross motor activities are an important daily activity which improves anything from locomotor skills to cardiovascular endurance, balance, riding a bike and crawling. Our read aloud time/titles and props promotes literature, language skills, and fine motor skills using finger plays. For our special activities, we provide cooking experiences, outdoor picnics, and mathematical activities. We also have music time where we love to use instruments, ribbons, costumes or just our bodies and partners. During music time we promote acceptance of different cultures and languages by playing international music and all kinds of American music. Family involvement is encouraged, for example we do ask families to provide materials like toilet paper rolls for crafts, help your child bring an item for show and tell or bring a special book for read aloud time. Also to reach and improve children's learning development, weekly plans are made from prior observations, planned to reach and encourage specific children's goals for development.  

About Us


  • Fairfax County Permit

  • CPR Certified

  • First Aid Certified

  • Fire and Rescue Department Safety Certified 

  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

  • Meals served meet nutritional requirements established by the USDA Child Care Food Program